Village of Valemount: Official Community Plan & Zoning Bylaw

Client: Village of Valemount

Date: 2020-2021

Location: Village of Valemount, BC

Bluerock’s Role: Jonathan Schmidt was the project manager, co-author of the OCP, and lead author of the Zoning Bylaw

The Village of Valemount is a resort municipality located among three beautiful mountain ranges. The Village and its surroundings have immense potential for growth and development, yet the population is declining.

Bluerock Planning joined a strong team led by MVH Urban Planning & Design to undertake Valemount’s transformative new OCP and Zoning Bylaw. The team approach began with a listen-first attitude to understand the people and their vision. What we heard were concerns about growing fast, short-term rentals taking over and at the same time concerns about losing families, population and services. Our team brought forward a sensitive approach to growth in the OCP and Zoning Bylaw – one that focuses on both existing and future residents. Big moves included a “Mountains-to-Marsh” trail network, better alignment of servicing/infrastructure and future growth areas, flexible downtown mixed-use zoning, greater allowance for accessory dwelling units and clearer short-term vacation rental policy and regulations. Engagement was extensive and COVID-friendly through outdoor community walks, school and youth sessions, a robust “Community Circles” engagement booklet to 80% of the households, outdoor workshops, virtual open houses, and even recorded videos for the local television station.

The Valemount OCP and Zoning Bylaw were adopted in 2021.

Download the Valemount OCP here:

Download the Valemount Zoning Bylaw here:

The local newspaper gave high praise to the OCP: