Town of Coronation

Town of Coronation

Land Use Order

Client: Palliser Regional Municipal Services & Special Areas Board

Date: 2021-2022

Location: Town of Coronation, Alberta

Bluerock’s Role: Project Management, Bylaw Writing, Graphics and Visuals

Bluerock Planning, in partnership with Palliser Regional Municipal Services, worked with the Town of Coroantion to create a new Land Use Bylaw that is more permissive and stimulates much-needed economic development within the Town.

Key topics addressed include: urban agriculture and local food production and manufacturing, tiny homes, accessory buildings, consolidation of districts and creating a citizen-friendly land use bylaw.

The design of the new Land Use Bylaw is visually easy-to-read with strategic use of colours, tables and graphics. The digital PDF version is completely interactive with internal hyperlinks and indexes allowing the user to browse the document just like a website.