Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement

Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement Land Use Plan

Client: Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement

Date: 2022-2023

Location: Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement

Bluerock’s Role: Jonathan Schmidt was one of the lead authors for the Land Use Plan and assisted with community engagement.

Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement (PPMS) suffered a detrimental wildfire in 2019 that destroyed homes, traditional land use areas, and community amenities. PPMS retained ProACTIVE and Bluerock Planning to complete a comprehensive Land Use Plan that considered all of the traditional, environmental, economic, and social interests on the land. The project team has deployed an extensive engagement that respects the cultural protocol while also conveying the importance of all interests in the land. Engagement included multiple workshops, a home visit program with a local land use ambassador, and take-home packages that sought input from the entire community. A strong emphasis on incorporating meaningful policy and amplifying the spatial context of the land through GIS.
In addition to delivering the necessities of the Land Use Plan, the project team recommended capacity building opportunities, economic growth, and unique opportunities for the overall betterment of the community. A land surveying program, emergency response addressing and road naming, infrastructure improvement programs, and a flood mapping program.