Legacy Farm

Legacy Farm

Area Structure Plan

Client: Town of Strathmore with MVH Urban Planning & Design

Date: 2021-2022 (Adopted 2022)

Location: Town of Strathmore, AB

Bluerock’s Role: Policy planning; coordination of planning, mapping and engineering; lead policy writing; and graphic layout and design of ASP document.

Bluerock assisted MVH Urban Planning & Design with creation of a dynamic and inspiring Area Structure Plan for a 48 hectare (118.5 acre) agricultural based tourism and business development in the Town of Strathmore, Alberta.
The Legacy Farm development builds on this historically significant site, which was home to the CPR’s world renowned demonstration farm in the mid-century. The development vision builds off this historic legacy with a central agriculture-based tourism market area, and flanked on the east by an RV Resort that’s bordered by a business/educational and industrial area. Retention of natural features was key to the site design and focused on maintaining and restoring the Legacy Creek on the west side of the site.
Bluerock’s role was leading the creation of the ASP document, including policy writing, graphics layout, mapping, and communications with Town administration.

Legacy Farm ASP was adopted in 2022. The full document can be found here: https://strathmore.ca/en/residents/resources/Documents/buildinganddevelopment/Legacy-Farm-ASP.pdf