Amy Clarke

Amy Clarke

Amy Clarke Consulting | Communications & Engagement Specialist

Amy’s passion lies within organizing the chaos and energy around public engagement into a logical and effective plan that nurtures community excitement and captures meaningful feedback. Her ability to connect with people through humour and empathy was developed during many years of working with community not-for-profits and a diversity of stakeholders at Parks Canada. She brings a strong understanding of the culture and social dynamics of planning in mountain communities while maintaining a rich scientific understanding of the land and its context.

As a trained project manager, Amy brings a keen eye for detail and organization to each task. Fostering a positive team space is something that spills out into the realm of engagement to create a constructive, welcoming environment where communities can contribute valued, meaningful feedback.

Amy has worked with a wide variety of organizations and is continuously looking to expand her skill set through continuing education and time spent with her ‘boots on the ground’.

Amy has worked with Bluerock on various OCPs and Zoning Bylaws, including: Valemount, Grand Forks, Slocan and Castlegar.