Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Site Selection & Planning Advice

Client: Amazon Web Services (via McElhanney / ARUP Engineering)

Date: 2021-2022

Location: Calgary Region, Alberta

Bluerock’s Role: Site selection for development of data centres

Understanding land use approvals, land use/zoning bylaws, and site analysis are key to the decision-making of major investments by developers and businesses. Bluerock’s Jonathan Schmidt is becoming recognized for his expertise in this important field of knowledge that can lead direclty to billions of dollars of direct investment; thereby spurring massive economic growth.

Bluerock’s Jonathan Schmidt was asked to provide professional planning expertise for Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) site selection process in the Calgary Region from 2020-2021.

Jonathan met regularly with the AWS, ARUP and McElhanney teams to provide strategic advice on which land would be best for AWS’ multi-billion investment into data centre infrastructure in Alberta. Jonathan and his Bluerock team analyzed various sites for their ability to meet AWS’ site criteria, including available infrastructure, strategic location nearby transportation systems, status of current and future planning approvals, suitable zoning, and any legal emcumbrances on title.

Jonathan was the lead author of the land use planning and permitting sections of the final site selection reports to AWS. The result was an announcement in late 2021 by AWS and the Premier of Alberta of a $4.3 billion dollar investment by AWS in the Calgary Region.