Oyen East Industrial

Shepard Industrial

Area Structure Plan

Client: Palliser Regional Municipal Services

Date: 2022-2023

Location: Town of Oyen, Alberta

Bluerock’s Role: Policy planning; coordination of planning, mapping and engineering; lead policy writing; and graphic layout and design of ASP document.

Bluerock assisted Palliser Regional Municipal Services and the Town of Oyen with the creation of an innovative rural Area Structure Plan that provides opportunities for industrial development.

The vision is for Oyen East Industrial to become a prosperous development for the Town and the region by creating new economic opportunities and attracting diverse businesses that will thrive on the proximity to major rail and road transportation infrastructure.

The project is a collaboration between various stakeholders including the Town of Oyen, Special Areas Board, and various landowners. The goal is to bring economic development to the Town and region for many years to come.