Village of Canal Flats: Official Community Plan & Zoning Bylaw

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of the OCP and lead author of the Zoning Bylaw.[/brando_content_block]
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Bluerock’s Jonathan Schmidt, while at B&A Planning Group, bridged together a strong planning team with the Village’s Economic Development Officer Chris Fields to create a truly transformative OCP and Zoning Bylaw that focused squarely on achieving the Village’s existing economic development and population growth goals. The Zoning Bylaw followed suit by combining zones, relaxing parking standards, creating mixed-use zones, new opportunities for tiny homes/alternative housing forms, removing barriers to home-businesses and allowing new development opportunities. What were the results? In year one there was new economic investment and a 30% increase in tax assessment across the Village.
A struggling small Village lost its major employer, a 100 year old lumber mill, and was spiralling into a dismal and uncertain future. As a project team our challenge was – how do we integrate planning and economic development in an inspirational and accelerated way to move the Village in a new direction?
Significant acheivements included:
• Creating an OCP-in-a-page, a very easy-to-read graphical summary of the OCP in a small fold-out brochure
• OCP graphical theme that was fun, exciting and yet practical
• Hosting a Mix & Mingle Event with the building community, staff and citizens to ensure all citizens who wish to develop their land have the tools and professionals necessary to make it happen. This implementation piece is often forgotten.

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